The Magic of Lucid Dreaming: How To Control Your Dreams, And Make The Most Of Them….



Ever wanted to meet God, ride on a Hippogriff’s back, run with Robin Hood or ask William Shakespeare what he thinks about modern poetry? Well, believe it or not there is a way and that is something I am going to discuss tonight. Firstly, it is very rare to be a natural Lucid dreamer (achieve Lucidity). I consider myself lucky, so I don’t want you to be sitting there thinking ‘How come she can do it and I can’t?’ With practise and a certain way of thinking, achieving Lucidity is possible for everyone. Of course, there is no magic formula; only patterns I have discovered that might help you get there. It should be noted that even though I can Lucid dream, I found it hard to slip into such ‘heightened dream states’, well that was until I joined a forum and started learning more about the subject.

The Basics

Lucid dreaming is a challenge, but so incredible. Luckily I have never had to learn the ways or woken myself up due to becoming too aware I was dreaming, but many novices might find this happening. The most important thing to remember is this: When you have your first experience, you will probably wake up. This is nothing to worry about. It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it. It’s just because you have become too excited.

The next time you feel the same thing happening, breathe and say to yourself “I am excited about this, but I am in control. I will dream what I like.” The other night I was really happy that I was in lucidity again that I lost the power and just had a non lucid dream instead.

Tricks of The Trade

The following ‘tricks of the trade’ aren’t deep philosophical meanings nor are they scientific experiments. They are just things that I have found, trigger the experience:

1) 98% of the time, I will Lucid dream early in the morning. If you go to the bathroom around 4am and then go back to sleep, you have a much higher chance. Why? The answer is simple. When you have got up and gone downstairs after being asleep for hours, your awareness levels are higher than the time you originally went to bed. Your R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle can begin more easily.

2) If you are half aware because you’ve just been awake recently, there is a much higher chance of you being able to control your dreams. I have usually become Lucid after I wake early, go on the laptop, turn it off and go straight to sleep. If you’re one of these people who find it hard to sleep quickly on returning to bed, try reading. If everything fails, then just lie there and try again another time.

3) Another really logical way is by reading about and watching things to do with Lucid dreaming. It seems obvious, but before I became able to experience it a lot, I just enjoyed when it happened and then didn’t think much about it again until the next time. It is essential to be involved in it either by surfing the net, reading about it or doing just as you are doing now; starting to learn the basics. If you haven’t seen the 2010 film, ‘Inception’, I highly suggest you do as it is based on the power of Lucidity. I have just started learning more and have asked for a more advanced guide for my Birthday.

4) Another method is thinking about being Lucid before you sleep. Now, this one has never worked for me but I still think everyone should try it. Imagine yourself walking around somewhere, anywhere you want and really keep thinking ‘I am dreaming. Let me explore. Where shall I go?’ Training your mind to think like this will allow it to open up to new things.

5) Keep a dream journal, Lucid and Non-Lucid. If you can’t remember everything that happened in the dream, don’t worry. List the main points and think about them. The more you do, the higher the chance of Lucidity again because you are making your brain think about the process. ‘I am thinking about my dreams, so whenever I dream it is not waking life.’ although of course all this is going on subconsciously.

6) I don’t do this last one, but I am going to put it in here anyway as many dream researchers and studiers think it is a good idea. As Lucidity is always a way of thinking, allowing yourself to be in control, in your waking life look around you at everything you see and really concentrate for details.

Look at the way your curtains are. Do they part? Are there spirals on them? The more you become aware of things, the higher chance of Lucidity – and – most importantly, becoming sure you are dreaming. If you walk around your house one time and everything is the same except you notice your curtains have different patterns on them, you’re dreaming. One time I was in my room and I didn’t think it was a dream, until I saw my cat curled on my bed, but four times in various places!

Some Terminology

There are certain terms when it comes to Lucidity as well, and it’s good to know what they mean in order for your mind to adjust to dreaming this way. The first one is ‘Low Level.’ This speaks for itself really. When you walk around in the dream, images and colours are at a low level, a low quality as though the TV is juddering or the channel isn’t really working.

It is the opposite to what I now call experiencing an ‘HD Showing’ or ‘High Level.’ I had one a couple of months ago when I was standing on a ship. It was a bright white and I could see the sun spilling across the decks. This was ‘High Level’ because everything was so clear. Don’t worry if you can’t achieve a high level to start with. If you haven’t been gifted with dream control, it will take practise to perfect the art.

You’re 100% Safe In Any Dream

Another thing to remember is that nothing can harm you in a Lucid dream. Things might feel different and a little daunting. I often walk slower and float down the stairs but you’re dreaming and whether it is Lucid or Non-Lucid, you are completely safe. It is of course more apparent in Lucidity because you’re aware you’re dreaming which gives you power.

For example, if a giant monster with purple teeth came up to you and said it was going to eat you, you could hold out your hand and say “No. You are a vegeterian”, or “You’re my friend” and the monster would obey. It’s important to say here however that you can’t control everything in a Lucid dream. Usually at the beginning, it’s hard to take the reins because you can’t think that fast.

This morning in my dream, I flew over the garden hedge and saw a palace made out of red petals. I didn’t plan that, it just happened and then by the time I’d passed that I knew what I wanted to see, things from my fantasy novel. I said in a stern voice “I want to see a ship.” It took form on the sea below me. “I want to see these words on the flag.” They appeared. Don’t be afraid of sterness. Sometimes you have to sound bossy in a dream. Often it has more impact than if you just think of something you want.

Personalising Your Dreams

When you have mastered the ability to become Lucid, it’s now time to step things up. Flying is a good thing to start from. In order to start flying, you will find your own method.

Some people might jump into the air and start hovering, others might stick their tongue out and that will make them zoom to the ceiling. For me personally, I ‘tread air’ like treading water before hovering in the air. Then, once I know I’m hovering I fly out the window. Always check in a dream you’re definitely dreaming by doing what I like to call ‘Logic Checks’.

One time I didn’t know if I was dreaming so I ‘tread air’ and as soon as I hovered I knew I could fly out of the window. I knew I wouldn’t die. I dreamt I was flying the other day and was going so fast, I slowly brought my hands out from behind my back and then I slowed down.

Another time I wasn’t sure I was dreaming, so I checked the lightswitch. If it doesn’t turn on, somehow I just know it’s not waking life.


All that is left for me to say is, enjoy. Lucidity is an art. If you have any more questions or want to let me know what you thought please leave a comment. Otherwise, happy dreaming!

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