The Poetry Files Begins With… ‘Fairytale’


Unexpected. Expected. Always there.

Walking dream in daylight, kissing my shoulders, pulling me close.

Dancing spirits, cocooned hearts.

At night, I’m a playful shadow, lost in the moonlit maze.

This time, it doesn’t matter. I’m happy to be here. With you.

I’ll hide around, jump-scare, lie under this canopy of stars.

We’ll laugh and dance and sing until our throats hurt, until the sun raises its golden head above those painted hills.

It’s an existence I could get used to,

a feeling I’ve always known,

but dipping my toes in the earth, deeper and deeper is surreal.

I’ve never experienced real magic.

This must be close.

Wonderland of colours swoop the sky.

An owl hoots. I shiver; you offer your coat.

Our world shakes with a twinkling uncertainty, but that’s alright, because

it’s going to be better than the place I left behind.

You make me smile, cause me to forget myself

I could run with you all night

More poems coming next week….

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