Mini profiles on characters! (First up, Will Worthington)

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Cartoon Will, just because I was having a writer’s break in a cafe! lol

Each week, I am going to be showing you glimpses of the characters from my upper middle grade novel, ‘Will Worthington and The Black Rainbow.’ It’s been a nearly-eleven year road to publication, but, I will get there. In the meantime?

It’s all about my protagonist.

13-year-old Will Worthington lost his parents in a ski accident. Blonde haired and blue eyed, he’s never seen without his backpack, and a plan. A quick thinker and (some would describe) ‘overly sarcastic’, he has a good head on his shoulders.

Devoted to his loving grandparents, his whole world is turned upside down, when he receives news that a monstrous invention from his past has returned, along with an old face who wants him dead, for very personal reasons….

Brave and determined, he confronts the floating island of Austassa; the island he was adamant he’d bury forever. It’s the hardest thing he’s ever had to come to terms with, and his path is littered with all kinds of dangers, paralysing truths, riddles, gadgets galore….

Afraid and insecure of what lies ahead, Will needs support.

Luckily, he has two good friends to help. A little snappy when judged or questioned, he has a stubborn streak that gets him into trouble. He’s generally welcoming towards new people, and – as he soon discovers – this is not always a positive thing.

Who can he trust? Anyone?

A glimpse into Will’s quick thinking

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