Don’t be bashful about bright, bonkers colours! Bring them to your style…. with a smile! :)


Adding colour to your wardrobe is often quite tricky.

Maybe there have been a few raised eyebrows, so you’re unsure if it’s right for you, or perhaps you just feel that you won’t do any of the clothes justice. Ignore the negativity. Embrace brightness. It’s not a bad thing. It brings the confidence you need in indecisive times!


you might be reading this, and thinking, “It’s fair enough for her. She likes standing out. I’m more the subtle colours type.” In that case? I will be releasing a post all about how to be classy, with only a simple palette of muted shades. Look out for that next week!

Back to the luminosity. Yes. Luminous is ‘back in’ this spring. I saw an article, where neon was expressly mentioned, as was colourful leather. It’s no secret to my friends that my closet is crammed with jackets. I’m talking every style, every colour of the rainbow. Take a look at what you have. Ask yourself, “Is this me, or am I not happy wearing….?”

Dresses are a huge deal for me, too. It’s probably because – as I mentioned in the vintage special – there is a variety of clothes that lend themselves so happily to another era. Look at polka dots. Very 50s. How about the big, chalk-colour coats? 60s eat-your-heart-out.

As usual, I’m going to show you how to make your wardrobe bright, light, and at a good price. Normally, I’m influenced a lot by celebrities, but for this post, I’m simply going to find what I was wearing, and show the brands; estimating value once more.

  1. “Confetti of Colours” A wintry-inspired look again, complete with a yellow beret or a 70s-era black hat to tone down the look. Up to you! Sets me back? About 15 pounds for the hat, and jumper, but the coat was £85 in a sale…. You can get any bright coat for around a tenner in any charity shop, though.
Smile, you’re gonna look cool!

2. “Summer Forest” This outfit is all about getting those luminous streaks of colour. Yellow headband was a fiver, and green jacket made me out of pocket by just £15. Finish the summer hues with a taste of blue and silver.

Enjoy a kick of green eye shadow, but keep it subtle!

3 ‘Rainbow Flames’ (Yes, taking a break from the aliteration!) This was one of my favourite looks. Combining the jewel-style on the ears, with yellow again, the blue leather gloves make a massive impact. Cost? Around £20 for the whole thing. Mostly charity shop, aside from ‘Lovisa’ for the earrings, and ‘Amazon’ for my gloves.

Yellow and blue, match made in heaven! You wouldn’t think it 🙂

4 “Peacocks and Beads” I feel that this is a get-up for the glam, but one that strikes a casual look too. Again, everything cost me around £20. You could get this for less, though. Just think bright colours, and subtle on the eyes. It can be a bit much otherwise (though that doesn’t tend to stop me!)

For this look, use your thickest mascara, and get your eyelash curlers!

“Stripes In The Forest.” Sounds like a band name, doesn’t it? I particuarly like the brightness of the green earrings, matched with giant shades to give it a little ‘unique’ pop. Around £15 for the whole thing, mostly charity-shop bought, aside from those pesky ‘Lovisa’ earrings once more. They were about £8.

Stripes are always ‘hot-to-trot.’

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