My 1920s – 1960s haircut, starring my vintage bob! (and I’m not talking about my Dad….)

Finally home in myself

Recently, my mood has fluctuated day-to-day, but one thing never changed…..

I was so excited for a new haircut, a past-eras happy haircut.

Today was the day. I’d found some pictures of who I wanted to look like, including The Marvellous Maisel, and Keira Knightley from The Imitation Game…..

Over the years, for personal reasons, I’d forced myself to not be vintage a lot.

Now, I’ve decided to pull-the-plug and everything is flowing out, and there’s no stopping it. I have Deco brooches, Gatsby-style clips, and now?

A new haircut that I absolutely love.

In fact, I loved the bob so much that I cried. I actually cried. Maybe it was a mixture of everything I’ve gone through the past few weeks.

Look forward to styling it, and embracing the person I really am.

Believe it or not, this choker, and this hair clip only cost me £3.98 (Yet another reason why charity shops are God.)

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