My #1linewed on the 24th March :)


Heya again guys!

On Twitter, #1linewed is a weekly theme where one word is given, and we have to show something from our #wip with that particular word. Now, due to the fact that I am nearing agent submission, I am not showing any of my originals, but……

Fanfiction is my thing!

I have been writing it for years, and I just thought this would be a really good opportunity to post the ones I do each week. These are not from any #wip, I just improvise and see what happens!


Without further ado –

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Part one –

Robin Hood

“Master,” said Much, “I have never seen the moon so full and round….” He paused, as though choosing the right words, “It looks happy, as though it has enjoyed a delightful banquet.”

Robin Hood rolled his eyes. “You are quite mad,” he said, “but so am I.”


“Looks cosy in here, Sheriff,” Robin Hood said, as he was frog-marched into his round cell, “A home away from home.” He grinned. “You’ve done me a favour!”

The Sheriff of Nottingham glared at Gisbon. “See what I mean?”


Sherlock sank into the round armchair, thinking. The murderer had escaped – and had left them a long and winding trail that was so convoluted and so clever that he felt ten steps behind.

He didn’t like feeling ten steps behind.

“The game is on.”

Harry Potter excerpts

“That goblin was bloody round,” said Ron, teeth chattering, “I mean, he was rounder than Crabbe and Goyle!” A pause. “And that’s round!”

Hermione beamed.


“Nothing,” said Hermione, “You just make me laugh.”

Ron said nothing, but his ears turned red.


“When are they coming round, Mrs. Weasley?” asked Harry, helping her lay the kitchen table.

“Oh!” Mrs. Weasley replied, “Call me Molly, dear – we’ve known each other for so many years now!”

Harry grinned, leaning against the worktop. “Thanks, Molly.”


Crabbe’s round face quivered. “How did this happen, Draco?”

“You’re greedy,” said Draco, arms behind his head,” That’s how it happened.” He sniggered. “Do you two know how many cakes you ate earlier, between you?”

Goyle looked nonplussed.



Life on Mars excerpts

“Guv,” said Sam, glancing out of the rain-soaked windows as they skidded down a motorway, “We’ve been driving around for hours – what are we looking for?”

The Guv laughed. “More bastards.”

“Of course,” Sam said, tapping the wheel, “Why did I even ask?”


The room was small, circular, and hot to the touch. Sam Tyler frowned. His body wasn’t here, so why did it feel more real than anything he had ever experienced before, and why – (a much more pressing worry) – did he not want to leave?


Merlin excerpts

“That special day has come around,” said Arthur, retrieving his helmet. “At last….”

Merlin frowned at him.

“The Arthur Pendragon Celebrations!” Arthur said, “Remember?”

“I remember,” Merlin grinned, “It’s just, I don’t see what there is to celebrate?”


“Look around you, Merlin,” said Arthur, gesturing towards the breakfast table, “Do you see a problem?”

Merlin shrugged. “You didn’t finish your sausages?”

“The table…..” Arthur said with a heaving sigh, “…. has not been cleared.”

“That’s not my job.”


Peter Pan excerpts

“We just keep going round, Pan,” sneered Captain Hook, “- and it’s really not good enough.”

“What are you talking about, Cod Fish?” asked Peter, eyebrow raised. “I’m having fun….”

“Insolent youth,” Captain Hook hissed, “Your doom is nigh.”


Riverdale excerpts

“Archie,” said Veronica, taking a seat on the velvet green chaise, “We need to talk.”

Archie nodded, joining her.

“Listen, I know that my ex has been round a lot….”

“Yeah, Chad has no right.”

Veronica nodded. “- but he has been speaking to my father…..”


Lemony Snicket excerpts

“We’ve been going in circles, Klaus,” said Violet, “Count Olaf has been laughing at us.” She paused, nodding in Sunny’s direction as their little sister crawled towards the living room. “All three of us…..”

Klaus scowled. “He won’t get away with this.”


The Simpsons excerpts

Lisa: Sideshow Bob came round earlier, Bart

Bart: Ay carumba!

Lisa: Don’t worry – he reassured me that he needed a break from trying to kill you….

Bart: And you believed him?

Lisa: I hadn’t finished….

Bart: ….

Lisa: Until next week

Bart: Naw, man!

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