The Poetry Pack part 1



Ripples, like life lines on a fortune teller’s palm
retreats, returns 
a constant under the blazing sun
The air is cold here, sharp, 
a barber’s rusty blade
but there is excitement too
yawning into the trail of
long, endless days


Sitting in a busy-bustle universe,
Hustle and rustle,
Forward, backwards; the clatter of trays
Brimming latte towers and stares,
Wisps of steam furling,
Silver mists twirling,
Island of hopes and grounded up beans,
as the
fingers never stop
typing words on the screen,
The laptop enchanted to race towards night,
Unfinished pages, cast-aside drinks; 
Debris of thoughts scatter like cake crumbs, 
As the darkness folds in; black curtains of sound
Broom sweeps wishes across the floor
and I shut down these dreams, 
and walk out the door

Winter’s Kiss

Blinking through a veil of frosted pane,
my thoughts condensate
racing like horses down the silver glass 
Snatch them, catch them 
Fingers curl; 
winter smoke 
around my warming mug 
as steam cobwebs into the air 
tracing the patterns of life


To the outside world
everything snows gold
harmony dances in the wind
composition scores neat; perfectly arranged
For spying eyes, 
there is actually nothing to be changed 
To the inside world
everything hails grey
composition scores scratched and maimed 
For knowing eyes
There is actually everything to be changed 
This musical vessel now strains, begs,
struggles to breathe against the noise 
the notes repeat, crashing and clashing
howling and drowning

The House of Shadows

The first thing you see is 
a half-broken clock; the hands    jumping 
  yesterdays that used to be; 
A back-and-forth tug of war,
invisible memories floating between sleep and air
2) Out in the wooden corridor,
  painted-smiles of shadow portraits; 
Black echoes whistling. Laughing.
3) You climb to experience, loud, L O U D E R 
steps lead towards…. 
the wall upstairs
  and there hangs a mirror of tired faces
Reflections Re flecting 
smiles that never seem to fit. 
The glass here is exhausted. It has been looked at too much.
4) With shaking palms, you descend 
5) Into other worlds, kinder worlds
6) Leave the garden
7) The 
8) Key behind
But you never do

More soon

Hope you enjoyed xxxxx

I like writing poetry


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