A Writer’s Life by R.E. Brooker

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I’m on a magical ferris-wheel. 

I never want to get off.

The views here are breath-taking, enchanting 

Imagination’s brush painting new landscapes over hills and seas, 

chapters flooded in darkness, sprinkles of tinkling laughter, and far-away places – 

not for you, or me

The light bends, rainbow chinks

A prism of my own making 


I’m still on a magical ferris wheel, but…..

I want to get off now. 

The hills are parched and muddy-brown, 

Like sun-bleached grass; waiting for inspiration’s drop 

When will it arrive? Only the Gods of Narration know

Until then, I relax, sit back 

And surrender to the quiet ride 

The landscape will leak back soon





2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Life by R.E. Brooker

  1. Oh, I really like this! We must be of a similar mind, as I followed a similar “then and now” style in my most recent short story for a competition! I like the specification and imagery, and love that it sends with single word line ‘instructions’. Very cool!

    1. Heya Treena, thanks so much for your kind words about the new poem 🙂

      I loved doing this, and the one line rhythm is so important to me to chop up the beats, so it isn’t just one stanza that’s all the same length

      More coming up on the blog soon

      Thanks again xxxxx

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