More Writing Tips : My Top Ten

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  1. If something isn’t fitting, it’s not meant to be in the book, and trying for hours is not going to make it fit… There is always a reason that it doesn’t – and whether that’s character, plot, or narrative, it will make sense in due course. (E.g. If your characters aren’t acting like themselves temporarily, look back at the passage you’ve just written. Something will jar!)
  • Judge your progress kindly, and that means not counting the number of words or pages (something I am guilty of!) – it will all come together eventually. If you want your writing to be fabulous, it cannot be rushed. 
  • I’m often asked if I’m a pantser or a plotter….. I’m both, and that’s okay. Don’t feel pigeon-holed by either! I sometimes scribble ideas, and other times I’ll plan out entire chapters. The main thing is to be loyal to your book. 
  • DON’T FORCE YOUR WRITING if it’s clear that you need a break from it…. It will not produce your best work, and you will regret it afterwards. This is why, despite having finished my book, I am taking a month off to give myself some distance….
  • Try not to overwrite, even if the session is going well. (I once spent ten hours practically non stop on my book) and was absolutely knackered afterwards and missing things in the book. It’s like the old saying less is more, but in this case it’s the shorter the time of work…. the better the result
  • I advise that you write and or edit for about 5 hours a day. That will give you a fair amount of time to work. Anything less will not be as effective – (unless you want to take a break!) and anything more can potentially damage the work you’ve already done, as your perspective will not be as clear
  • If you find it hard not to procrastinate, turn off the internet, turn off your phone etc….. I never turn off the internet as I am able to update Twitter at the same time, but if you struggle with distractions, I would advise to just shut yourself in a room and ask not to be disturbed!
  • Always have things that you’re working on. If you’re having a break from your book, dabble in some poetry instead…. If you’re stuck with poetry, pick up your book etc. There are – however – times that you won’t want to do any writing, and that’s fine, that’s human, but during these times, read, do a bit of doodling, or just take a breather 
  1. Enjoy the ride. It’s not all about the destination – write because you love to write. Anything else is something that might or might not happen, but writing? That’s forever

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