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How do I describe you? 


You are many things

You’re the beefy-shouldered bully that follows you home, 

whispering hot and cold threats right outside your door


the nosy neighbour who hates your family name

the snotty, spotty kid who graffitis over window panes

You’re the incessant banging from the dingy basement that you never visit

You’re the crumbling skeleton you’d hate for anyone to exhibit

You’re the overspilling dustbins that have been waiting to go out; taking over muddy streets, leaking grit and grime


You’re that clammy palmed feeling 

You’re a dizziness, a fizziness where the whole room spins all around

You’re the spark that sets anxiety alight – waiting, wondering if tonight is your



The creepy, uninvited guest – “No, I haven’t made up a bed for you – you need to go, please!” 

It’s the bags under the eyes; distractions carved from the TV, 

until that heavy moment when your head lies back on the pillow 

And the uninvited guest decides to leave 

You’re the chlorine up your nostrils sensation (I haven’t even been swimming!) 

You’re the aching and the shaking, the rumbling and grumbling

And what has happened to my….?

You’re the clown-nose feet, the itchiness, the rawness

You’re the 

Instigator of Mischief, “You feel fine now.”

The Teaser “No, you don’t….”

The Schemer “You never will’ 

You’re that one passenger you don’t want next to you on a long, ten hour flight, 

the kind that brags about how many companies they own

Until you feel your eyeballs are about to pop out 

You were a thousand people, a million emotions, 

But you are now 


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