The Positivity Post, filled with Potter, Pitches, and Present-unpacking!

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It is the yearly ‘Golden Egg’ ball on the 31st January

and I have just entered the pitch competition. Last time, I didn’t get through. This time will probably be the same, but – as with anything you care about – the point is that I try. I’m not going to post it here, unless I am selected as a winner. Last night? I sought advice and guidance from published authors. I wrote out three ‘possible’ entries. Then, I slept on it; and decided to tweak the first one I’d written, as it had been the favourite of those in the industry.

Sending the email is always nerve-wracking. What will I hear? Can I get any better? If I keep being unsuccessful, is the book rubbish? These are the dragon-like thoughts which circle my head, as I wait for the deadline. It looms. 10th January is the day it all hangs on, (not that I’ll be going over everything constantly.)

As well as perfecting the pitch, I carried on tidying the room; quickly pulling out a ‘Harry Potter Wizarding Collection’ Limited Edition, from behind my sliding doors. I hadn’t looked at it for years. Why? Until this Christmas, I didn’t own a Blu Ray player. Now? I am looking forward to spending hours immersing myself in all the movies, the behind-the-scenes specials, and more.

I wanted to also sort DVDS, but I’m mentally knackered now! Those ‘Emmerdale’ clips are screaming at me, (although I should catch up with last weeks’)

I’m smiling today a lot. It’s a happy, warm feeling, and I want to experience this a lot in 2020. There are a few private reasons why this is the case, but I still wanted to share my glee with you lot.

Much of this ‘gleeful’ emotion has to come from me, but as a day goes, January 3rd holds a special place (even at midnight.) I checked my followers on Twitter, and saw that James Bourne from ‘Busted’ and ‘Son of Dork’ fame had followed my account. Needless to say, there will be a post soon all about the time I met them/saw them/ and my other memories associated with the band.

Unpacking my Christmas presents brought excitement once more, and – once this room is finished – I am so looking forward to putting posters on the walls/wearing my new clothes/and generally being thankful and smiley.

Anything else to add? Not that I can think of at the moment; just that I hope every day this year is as sweet as this one.

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