An Emotional Rollercoaster of rejoicing and…. feeling pensive (or should that be ‘pensieve?’)

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I wasn’t going to write a new post tonight – given my nervousness from the day – but now I’ve calmed down, I’m ready to supply my thoughts. This morning, I had an interview for an ABA Tutor (Applied Behaviour Analysis) in an autistic primary and secondary school, and throughout the afternoon, I was certain I hadn’t been successful. At just past midday, I was told that I had the job.

It didn’t seem real.

After all, I haven’t worked for a year, and in the formal part of the interview (inside the Headteacher’s office,) I actually confessed that there was no work environment I had ever belonged in. Smiling a little, I did admit that my actual place should be Neverland!

I’m starting on Monday. Naturally, I’m going to add to the notes I had from earlier (Four sheets of A4!) It’s always really good to prepare as much as you can. When I was asked if I had any questions, I tentatively said, “Sixteen.”

On reflection? I really must have more faith in myself, in my abilities. Yes, it’s hard when you’re constantly knocked back with jobs and career steps, but in the end, determination wins. Every time.

At home, I told all my friends. It was a wonderful few hours, aside from a few things that made me sad (nothing to do with the job, but also, matters that are entirely out of my hands) It’s life, though. You have to take the rough, with the smooth, right? Overall, the afternoon and night was enjoyable; and I reached out to Anthony Horowitz and Darren Shan, who congratulated me on ‘Twitter.’

Am I scared about starting a new role? You have no idea, but I also know that a) I will never be on my own and b) I will be receiving training. One of my resolutions for 2020 was to be as positive as I can, and what better way to start?

Coming soon, day two on the Potter set.

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