In ‘Nightshade’, Horowitz does it again, proving that Alex Rider’s legacy is multi-nationally immortal ….

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That’s the cover, and yes, that’s my knee…. lol

A rip-roaring, action-fueled thirteenth installment of the ever-popular Alex Rider series. Filled with pages and pages of heart-stopping scenes that you can’t put down for a minute, (although, thankfully my heart didn’t stop, or I wouldn’t be able to write again :O NOOOOOooo….)

Anyway, the story revolves around an undercover organisation who have been working – deep – in the shadows, and recruiting certain people for their missions…..

Naturally, I’m not saying who they are. I’m not saying what they do. This is a spoiler free review, so everyone can look forward to immersing themselves fully after getting a quick taste of what’s there!

Horowitz always astounds me with his unique ability to weave narratives, and propel you along in unexpected ways. I suspected a few things, but never would have guessed a number of plots that he revealed near the end.

The villains are icily calm, with an underlying menace that speaks through the whole book. For those who know me, you will be aware that the ‘bad guys’ are my favourite part of a children’s book.

There is one particular character that we’re introduced to in the middle, and I am looking forward to his return in the follow-up (yes, that is the only spoiler I will let loose, there will be more Alex Riders, but we were all crossing our fingers anyway, and screaming for this to be true!)

The research that goes into any of the Alex Rider books continues to compel me. While writing my fantasy novel, I only need to look at Austria briefly and check a few details, but when you set a series that is central to the world we inhabit, then you absolutely have to get everything right, and that’s what Horowitz does.

With twists and turns around every corner, you are steered through unbelievable yet completely believable story lines that you can’t help but cling on for dear life as you’re thrown, left, right, and upside down as the characters and situations get more and more in peril…..

I won’t say anything else, you just have to read it!

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I’m off to twiddle my thumbs, and wait for the next Alex Rider 🙂 !

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