Mood Boosting List For Those Moody Days (Of which there are many at the moment)


I was speaking to my friend yesterday, who said to me that I should list everything that I’ve done that’s positive in my life.

In no order….. (except my book!)

It was a really good idea, especially as I’ve always been so against myself, so I’m putting together a list of all my accomplishments, and I recommend that you guys do the same.

  1. I have been writing a book since 2007, and it was accepted into the highly prestigious Golden Egg Academy in 2016.
  2. I have managed to meet and connect with countless authors, including role models and those who I’ve just interacted with through the academy.
  3. The amount of love that I’ve poured into this is admirable. I’ve stayed in cafes for nine hours, then gone back home and done more. Very proud of the work, and really hope it pays off one day.
  4. I have acted in front of The Great Hall, as Belle in ‘A Christmas Carol…’
  5. I am a singer and have gigged in various locations, including a beach, a pub, halls, and recorded a song with a record producer who produced ‘The Human League.’
  6. I am starting to be a little more organised, and I write emails better than I used to.
  7. I just played the keyboard for the first time in years, recording a song with Dad and posting it online!
  8. I went to The University of Gloucestershire, where I studied Creative Writing for three years, and came out with a 2:1. Here, I managed to get a poem published in The Aesthetica Annual.
  9. I just made some rock cakes the other week (with help, but) I am not a cook or baker of any sort. That might have changed already…. On a similar note, I’ve taken up a bit of Badminton during the Lockdown.
  10. I was an extra in ‘Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince’, and I pushed for that to happen, asking my friend at school how he managed to get into it. I was an extra in a BBC series about Mary Anning, where I played a woman who was struck by lightning….
  11. I have accepted (reluctantly) that I do have A.D.D. and have been managing it since with medication. I’m starting to realise that if I didn’t have it, maybe I wouldn’t be so creative or imaginative.
  12. I have found my style eventually, completely vintage, and am embracing it with everything I have. It gives me confidence.
  13. I managed to land a job in an autistic school with no experience and no background working in any schools.
  14. I have experienced a variety of roles, from holiday park entertainment to fragrance selling. I performed speeches in The Great Hall in the Harry Potter tour guide job, and showed a member of One Direction into the room.
  15. I co wrote a social enterprise book when I was at university, after graduating.
  16. I have posted Harry Potter fanfiction for over ten years (over fifty stories online,) and still continue to do some. Similar to this, I dabble in all sorts of other fanfiction, including Peter Pan, Sherlock, and even Gormenghast…
  17. I have never changed who I am, for anyone, unless you count naivety in the past, but I was young! I am beginning to like who I am, even though there are many ups and downs on the subject.
  18. I have done a variety of voice over jobs, including Slyvanian Families, British Gas, and a fortune telling line where I had to voice the ‘The person you’ve called is not available’ tone….
  19. I have coped with a lot in the past, including anxiety issues, depression, unrequited loves, and it still continues.
  20. I like to think I am a caring, sweet person who is there for people when they need her, bubbly, unique, and not your average ’31’ year old, which I commend now (took a while)
  21. I am a natural lucid dreamer, not everyone is 🙂

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