New Horizons: Exciting Years!

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Heya guys,

I just wanted to update you on what happened yesterday, and – in all honesty – I am beginning to see it as a really exciting, positive thing! 🙂

You ready? Pfft…

Of course you are….

From now on, I am going to be sending out my book to literary agents by myself.

Over the past six years, I was incredibly lucky to be part of an editorial organisation that not everyone was accepted into, but I have now decided to move ahead with all that I have learnt, and approach agents – without editors, or mentors, or (after years and years) rewriting the book, (I think this is the fourth time?)

The fact is, I have been writing ‘Will Worthington and The Black Rainbow’ since 2007, and I have an undying faith in it, so, before I maybe turn towards the self publishing road, I am giving it one last submission.

What do I have to lose, really?


After having a two week break, (I think I owe it to myself and my manuscript,) I am going to revisit my book and look over it one last time before sending it out into the world. Note: The last time I did was in 2014, and that was before I was in the academy. Even then, literary agents had such positive responses to Will, and I was fueled with such determination; a determination that has carried through the years.

Changes are a part of a writer’s life. Sometimes, they’re hard, other times, they are hard but the right thing to do. The main thing is we take everything we have learnt, everything we have worked towards, and use it – confidently, bravely into the future.

I’m ready!

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10 thoughts on “New Horizons: Exciting Years!

  1. Sounds like a fantastic idea! I just sent my queries out a few weeks ago with stories I wrote years ago. I wish you all the luck!

    1. Hahahaha, thanks so much, I always think upper middle grade books have the name of the protagonist….. and then ‘and the’ at the end ☺️

  2. An exceptionally good idea. With publishing I am always reminded that Freddie Forsyth’s Day On The Jackal was rejected by every major literary agent and publisher in existence. I believe that your inspiration, JK, suffered the same. Literary agents and publishers have a long track record of missing the finer on the public pulse, if they were dentists or doctors their inability to live up to their job description would have had them banned years ago. You have a diamond, mine it.

  3. Sorry, typo, finger on the pulse, not finer. There is nothing fine about literary agents, they live in a world totally alien to the rest of the planet.

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