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Today, I am going to talk about the main antagonist in my upper middle grade, ‘Will Worthington and The Black Rainbow’ I won’t tell you much, because, spoilers, but I will allow you a quick glimpse……

A quick pen sketch

At just 15, Kazamir Kirrolivitch has a merciless drive for vengeance. He is ruthless. He is powerful, and he is frighteningly sadistic, to the extent where, like Shakespeare’s Iago, he will throw anyone under the bus in order to achieve his goals.

With an obsession for collecting pianos, (especially the golden variety,) playing multiple rounds of chess, and an admiration for the theatre, Kazamir is intellectual, witty, and well educated. He also has an extensive fur coat collection, fur hats, and boots.

Kazamir’s hat, and boots……

Afraid of the dark (personal reasons, you find out), his biggest weakness is the grief he still holds towards his mother’s last moments as she suffered in hospital. Lonely, bitter, and deeply insecure, he operates on a level that is not only dangerous, but – at times – one might offer the opinion, slightly unhinged.

What he craves is attention, power, and the manipulation of others, but above all, Will Worthington’s slow and tortuous death…..

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9 thoughts on “Kazamir Kirrolivitch

  1. My #MG story Black Hole Radio also deals with grief in children when Hawk’s beloved grandpa dies leaving him a box of personal effects including a radio that transports him and his best friend to other planets. The experience is the catalyst to help him accept the fact that his grandpa is always close to him. Thanks for bringing up this important subject in #kidslit

    1. Heya Nadia, I’m so pleased you enjoyed this blog entry about my villain, and even more pleased that you have seen a mirror to your own book in terms of grief, it is a very important subject, translated well in the Harry Potter books too ☺️

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